Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Pack

Grocery shopping, cooking, eating and food storage involve an alarming amount of plastic — but they don’t have to. This curated Zero Waste Kitchen Box will give you all you need to drastically reduce your plastic usage in the busiest room of your home.

All The Details

Shop and clean with ease with this carefully curated selection of zero waste kitchen and on-the-go products. This curated kit includes:

  • Set of reusable straws and straw cleaning brush
  • 2 cloth bags for bulk shopping and one cloth produce bag, all from Credo Bags
  • Kitchen bar for dishwashing, general cleaning and even stain removal!
  • Cellulose cloth (paper towel alternative) by Redecker

    Plus your choice of:

  • Vegan or horsehair curved dish brush by Redecker
  • Small bowl cover by Your Green Kitchen
  • Our Curated Kits are only available for shipping in Canada at this time.

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