ScentBall Home Diffuser

This easy-to-use electric diffuser is a convenient and safe way to diffuse essential oils in your home environment. The device generates constant heat, allowing fragrance to evenly disperse throughout the room.

With a child-proof design and no open flame, you can tap into the immense health and mood stimulating benefits of essential oils safely and easily (without constant monitoring!) Simply plug the ScentBall into a wall outlet, breathe in and enjoy.

How To Use

Add a few drops of fragrance or essential oil to the scent pad and insert into diffuser (on top of the horizontal plate, under the plastic "grill"). Plug the diffuser in a wall outlet and, after a moment, you will begin to smell the essential oils. Batteries are not needed. The oil pad can be reused until it begins to discolour. Comes with five pads.

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