You're busy. You're in the deep south of Calgary. You. just. can't. make the drive all the way up to our shoppe to grab your refills and you're stoked to be working on your reduced-waste lifestyle. Let us help you and bring your refills (and anything else from our shoppe) to your door! Want to pick up your refills? You can do that too!

Creating an Account

HEADS UP! You MUST have a registered Login ID & Password in order to access the Mobile Refill portion of our website.

EXISTING ONLINE CUSTOMERS: For those with an existing Login & Password on our website, it's pretty easy. If you're in Calgary or one of the surrounding areas listed in our Delivery section below, fill out our connection form to ask us to connect your account to our Mobile Refill section of the website. We'll let you know as soon as that's done (within 24 hours). Once you're up and running, you'll be able to select from ALL. THE. REFILL. THINGS that we offer in store, at our store prices.

NEW ONLINE CUSTOMERS: Head on over to our Account Page and register for a new Account. Once completed, fill out our connection form to ask us to connect your account to our Mobile Refill section of the website. We will review your registration (max 24 hours) and send you an email when it's approved (we need to make sure you're within one of our delivery areas!). Then you'll be able to shop our Refill section and fill your cart!

How the Mobile Refill Program Works

The mobile refill works a little differently than in store in that we show you the price per 100 ml / g of the product, and then you choose from pre-determined fill sizes (that fit in different sizes of Mason Jars!) of that product. The price is simply multiplied by the amount in the pre-determined size, just like in store. It's not quite as flexible as shopping in store, however we need to be standardized with our containers and we believe the sizes we have chosen for items make sense.

Delivery Details & Ordering Deadlines

ORDER MINIMUMS: The minimum order for Calgary deliveries is $35.

DELIVERY DATES: We will gladly deliver your order to you (and it's free when you order $75 or more)! Your order will be delivered on whichever date below matches your location in the city and surrounding areas. We do this to ensure that we have a full vehicle and can plan an efficient delivery route (hello, all right-hand turns!) when delivering, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.

  • Wednesdays: Calgary NE + NW
  • Fridays: Calgary SE + SW

ORDERING DEADLINES: Your order must be received by the day and time indicated below to meet the delivery dates outlined:

  • Calgary NE + NW | Order by midnight on MONDAY
  • Calgary SE + SW | Order by midnight on WEDNESDAY

APARTMENT / CONDO CUSTOMERS: We will not leave your order outside or in an unsecured spot. If you live in an apartment or condo, there are a few solutions that will help us get your refills to you:

  • Does your buzzer go to a cell phone? If so,when we arrive, you can buzz us in and arrive home to your order waiting safely outside your unit door.
  • Provide us with a key to your front entrance. We will use the key to leave your order at your suite door.
  • Obtain permission from your building manager, caretaker, or a neighbour to allow us access to leave your order at your suite door.
  • Leave your order in a secure location outside your building or at a nearby location such as your office.


  • Delivery is $6 in Calgary (free over $75).
  • All delivery charges are non-refundable.
  • If we make an attempt to deliver your parcel and are unable to leave it (ie: apartment/condo customers), we will bring it back to our shoppe and let you know. At that time you may choose to stop by and pick it up, or we will gladly re-attempt delivery the following week on your scheduled day for our regular $6 fee. This fee will apply regardless of order size.
  • For more delivery info, please see our Shipping Info page.

PICK UP ORDERS: Want to pick up your order? No problem! Choose "Pick up in store" when you check out and we will call you when your order is ready.

Bottle Deposit Info

For every refill you purchase, there is a bottle deposit for the glass container it comes in ($2.50 for most Mason jars & $5.00 for the large 1800 ml Masons). The container will come with a tag attached, indicating what's in it. Use the container as long as you have it, or transfer the contents to your own container. If you would give it a wash when you're done with it that would be great! When you return the bottles/jars and tags on your next delivery we will issue a credit to your online account to match the containers returned. That credit will be automatically applied to your next online order. Please note that website credits cannot be used in-store.

Want to keep your bottles or jars? No problem at all! We simply ask that you return the tags with your reusable tote when we deliver your next order so that we may reuse them for orders. Of course this means that your bottle deposit will not be refunded, but now you've got a fancy Mason jar to fill to your heart's desire!

Tote Deposit Info

If you are using our Refill Delivery service then we will be dropping your order off in one of our reusable totes which carries a deposit of $10. Because one of our pillars is to reduce waste by reusing whatever we can, we encourage our customers to return these totes and get them back into service. This small deposit per tote helps incentivize our customers to return our totes.

We will swap out your tote with a new one on your next delivery. Want your tote picked up sooner? Let us know and we'll swing by on our next delivery day in your area to pick it up.

Tote deposits are credited back to your account for future purchases as soon as the tote arrives back in our shoppe and is processed. You'll receive an email with all of your credits (totes and bottles) by the end of the day of your pick up / drop off!

How We Clean & Refill Your Bottles

Because we refill all kinds of goodies (including food), you may have questions about how the containers are handled for refilling when they arrive back to us. When we receive your containers back in house, each is run through our Alberta Health approved dishwasher to be sanitized before re-use (even if it looks sparkling clean when we receive it back from you, we still run it through the dishwasher to be sanitized). This way we know that every container we fill is clean and ready to go. For lids, we will reuse a lid (after running it through our dishwasher of course!) as long as it is in good shape. Once we deem a lid to not be reusable for our refill delivery program, we will remove it from our refill process and place it in our free container bin in store.

Products Available in Refill

We are excited to be able to provide you with the complete line up of products we sell in-store for our Mobile Refill program. This includes our Laundry and Home Cleaning products, raw materials for all you DIYers out there, bath and body products, culinary oils, vinegars, salts, pantry staples, and more! Herbs and spices are available to order by the 10 grams and will arrive to you in paper bags with the rest of your order.

You may add anything else from our online shoppe to your cart for delivery along with your refills. Your order will be picked in full and delivered on your specified day.