Peppermint Hydrosol
Latin Name:Mentha x piperita
Country:USA (Washington)

The refreshing clear fragrance of Peppermint Hydrosol is a perennial favourite. Compress acneic skin with neat hydrosol. Apply topically for itching, burning, insect bites and stings, sunburn, and allergic reactions. It makes a refreshing facial spritz to revive in hot weather, or when you are just hot. It offers relief when spritzed on chicken pox and shingles. Suzanne Catty in Hydrosols The Next Aromatherapy has a very good section about using Peppermint hydrosol internally. Although we cannot officially recommend it, you might want to read her section about adding to drinking water as a digestive tonic, to wake up, and her ideas about detoxification. Emotionally Peppermint hydrosol helps suppressed emotions, mental clarity, anger and irritability.

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