Paperboard Deodorant / Body Butter Tubes

These ecofriendly, biodegradable deodorant tubes are made with recycled paperboard and are great for packaging body butters, salves, balms, and yes, deodorants!

Paperboard is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. Each paper tube and jar includes a snug fitting cap. These tubes also feature a free-moving paperboard disk at the base that pushes upwards to dispense your product.


    1/3 oz: holds 9 g of product. Ideal for lip balms, lip stains and lipsticks.

    1 oz: holds 28 g of product. Ideal for body butters, salves and solid perfumes.

    2 oz: holds 56 g of product. Ideal for stick deodorants, hand and foot butters.

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