Neroli Blossom 10% essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus aurantium / jojoba
Method:steam distilled

Description: Ah, Neroli! Another favorite here at The Apothecary. This particular Neroli (which comes from the same plant as Orange and Petitgrain) is wonderfully balanced with its floral, citrus, woodsy, and bitter-green notes that make it an ideal base for creating well rounded perfumes and facial products.

This oil is very popular among women, and is often found in skincare, particularly those designed for damaged or maturing skin. It is used for thread veins, scars, stretch marks, as well as dry, oily, mature, sensitive, or devitalized skin, and may help to improve skins elasticity. Outside of skincare, Neroli has been used for bronchitis, poor circulation, immune system stimulation, chronic diarrhea, flatulence, and PMS and menopausal depression.

Neroli is a powerful emotional regulator, and is excellent for softening feelings of anxiety, anger, grief, stress, rage, irritability, panic, disappointment, sadness and hysteria. It may help lessen depression, can combat insomnia that stems from depression, is mildly hypnotic, and might assist those with a low mental sex drive.

Energetically, Neroli is quite the powerhouse. It is used in blends to promote peace, happiness, purity, positive energy, sensual comfort, self-confidence, self-acceptance, feelings of security and protection. It allows individuals to confront emotional fears (such as commitment), to become aware of unresolved issues, and helps to reunite the conscious and subconscious minds. Overall, Neroli is beneficial to any form of spiritual or energetic work.

Contraindications: None for normal dosage.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Absolutely divine!! ?

Neroli is one of my all time favourite oils, so I tend to be quite picky about it. I'm a fairly new customer of The Apothecary and am very impressed. The quality of this neroli, much like all the oils I've ordered so far, is exceptional. Couldn't be happier!!

from British Columbia - 2/19/2021

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