KATIE Manager

Katie is finding herself caught in complete wonder at the world of essential oils. She is learning and experimenting with these magical little vials every day and her confidence and knowledge is ever-growing.

She hails from Red Deer, and attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she discovered her passion for weaving, primarily making baby wraps for all you beautiful mommies and daddies out there.

When she isn’t weaving or working the store front of The Apothecary, you can find her upstairs teaching some how-to classes, or at home curled up with her potato of a cat, probably a haystack drop cookie, hunk of prosciutto or slice of pizza in hand.

BISAYOAromatherapist & Bottler

Bisayo is a funkadelic mother of three with a huge interest in aromatherapy and energy work. She is super chill and easy to love, and though she doesn’t say much, we can tell by her dancing that she’s far from shy and reserved. Bisayo loves the energetic implications of essential oils and aromatherapy and this is her favourite area to engage with customers. She creates her own skin and hair care products at home and dreams of developing a line of handmade, natural products for black skin and hair.

When Bisayo’s not here in the shop, she is hanging out with her kids and her cat, Marley; doing puzzles; eating cinnamon buns; and always dancing. She learned African dance as a child and danced as part of the Afrikadey! Festival for several years.

LAURA Perfumer

Laura is a perfumer and artist who loves cats and nature. She’s interested in all the herbs that can help aid the body when in need, and more specifically in having fun blending herbs that will help you get a good night’s sleep. As a perfumer, she’s interested in everything that holds a scent, from the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils to the history of plants. Her knowledge extends to potpourri and incense as well. If you’ve had a chance to sign up for the Oil of the Month Club, you will appreciate Laura’s research and writing in this monthly treasure, as well as her thoughtful and thorough blend recipes that accompany it.

As an artist, Laura creates sculptural work and installations, each with an element of scent, from completely foraged, natural materials. She feels most at home in the forest or by a body of water. In her spare time, she likes playing video games and watching movies.

DESIRAE Herbalist-in-Training

We call Desirae (Des) our Ray of Sunshine because she is always laughing or smiling! Des is immersed in a world of plants and natural medicine as a Master/Clinical Herbalist in Training, enrolled in the herbal program at Wild Rose College and David Winston’s Center For Herbal Studies. It’s no surprise that Des loves learning and expanding her knowledge at The Apothecary with essential oils and aromatherapy.

Des loves hiking, riding her bike around the city and going on herb walks, and her favourite herbal application is creating herbal tinctures. She has a passion for people, helping others and alternative medicine.

When she’s not studying, Des is either listening to a favourite tune on repeat, drawing, looking at interior design, making yarn things, weaving or cooking up a storm.

LINDSAY Social Media & Wholesale Sales

Lindsay manages our blog and all our social media streams, and takes good care of our wholesale clients. She joined our sister company, All Things Jill as a wholesale sales representative in 2013 and has since taken on the role of social media manager for both All Things Jill and The Apothecary.

Lindsay has greatly enjoyed learning more about essential oils and herbs as part of her role at The Apothecary, and is especially thrilled with our expansion into refilling and zero waste offerings, as her true passion has always lay with the environment and sustaining our earth for generations to come. A major perk of her job is the opportunity to share resources and ideas with our followers that help us all to live a more rewarding life while taking less of a toll on the earth!

Though she can be found at any hour, day or night, responding to Apothecary Twitter, Instagram and Facebook messages, she also stays busy with five kids (mostly teens) at home, and she loves writing, running, yoga and any chance she can get to be in the woods.


Originally from Erin, Ontario, Jill grew up your typical entrepreneur; she was the kid with the lemonade stand in the driveway, always wanted to play “store” and at one point when she was 7 or 8 was going to build her empire via rug hooking. She also began to dabble in soaps and bath salts at a young age, fascinated by how the ingredients would come together to make a certain product. Fast forward quite a few years and Jill now holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from McMaster University, has taught students of all ages, and also worked in Marketing, Advertising and Corporate training for a large Canadian Insurance company.

She left it all behind when she came out here in November 2004 to launch All Things Jill (our wholesale manufacturing biz and sister company) full time. More than a decade later, her company is thriving and serving customers well. She finally realized her vision of “playing store” in real life with the opening of The Apothecary in Inglewood in 2012.

When she's not at the office you can find Jill at the curling rink, cycling, watching a movie, hiking or working with her pups (and resident shoppe-doggers), Django & Matilda.