Masontops Coffee Caps Bean Preserving Lids

Keep your coffee beans smelling and tasting fresher for longer with these convenient coffee caps that easily fit on any wide mouth mason jar!

Coffee Caps were created to transform any wide mouth mason jar into the ideal coffee bean storage vault. Just screw the Coffee Cap into place with any standard wide mouth mason jar band and store your beans in a dark spot (a cupboard works great!). That's it. There are no valves to replace, maintenance, or monitoring whatsoever. It just works.

Fresh roasted coffee beans let off carbon dioxide in a "de-gassing" process. To keep beans fresh for as long as possible, they must be stored in a container which allows this carbon dioxide to escape as necessary, without allowing Oxygen to get at the beans and cause them to go stale. These coffee caps can help transform your old mason jars into the ideal storage for your coffee beans to keep them coffee house fresh.

Price is per one cap in your choice of brown or black.

Product Info

  • Creates a self-venting CO2 barrier, preventing beans from spoiling
  • Made of food-safe silicone
  • Fits wide mouth mason/canning jars
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