Libre Glass Tea Infuser

Libre is the stylish and convenient solution for all infusions on the go — loose leaf teas, fruit water infusions, or any beverage! Get pristine flavor every time with easy-rinse, temperature-resistant borosilicate glass. Each drink has a fresh taste!

The durable exterior protects the healthy glass interior from breakage and your hands from heat! A removable filter makes this glass infuser super versatile — use it for teas, fruit infused waters, or as a shaker for matcha, protein shakes, or even martinis!

Easy to take along anywhere and easy to hold, this is the only re-usable glass you need for your favorite hot or cold beverages. Available in a variety of beautiful colours and designs you'll love as your favourite beverage accessory.

Product Info

  • 100% BPA free
  • Removable stainless steel filter
  • Hi-temp glass interior protected by strong poly Tritan exterior
  • Thermal hot or cold
  • Fits easily in hand, pack, pure or cup holder
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