Jute All-Natural Body Brush

Revitalize your skin with this handmade, all-natural Jute brush!

This super-soft Jute body brush is handmade with fibers extracted from the jute tree. Ideal for wet or dry brushing, the soft fibers of this brush help to clear away dull layers of skin, stimulate circulation, help eliminate toxins, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Give it a try for the best, glowiest skin ever!

Product Info

  • Zero Waste
  • Soft texture for beginner dry-brushers or sensitive skin

  • 4.5 inch brush area + 4.5 inch handle
  • All-Natural bristles made from fibers extracted from the jute tree
  • Ethically made in Sri Lanka
  • Directions

    For external use only. Always brush towards your heart. For wet or dry use.

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