Gyokuro Mizuumi Green Tea

Having been shade grown 20 days before harvest under a dark fabric hung above the field to prevent the full light of the sun from reaching the leaves (oishitaen shading method), this tea reveals the deep fragrance typical of shaded teas, and contains increased chlorophyll levels which results in a deeper, sweeter flavor and reduced astringency.

The lush, dark green, finely shaped leaves develop an incredible Umami that will make the drinkers feel at peace while charming their taste buds with delightful sweet notes.

This is one of the most premium green teas in the world and as such carries a high price point. We're certain you won't be disappointed though.

Additional Info
  • This first-flush tea is shaded for 20 days before harvest, thereby increasing chlorophyll levels, which results in a heightened sweetness and reduced astringency.
  • Mizuumi organic Gyokuro is grown by the best tea producer in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • Its dark green and glossy needle-like leaves develop an incredible umami taste that brings a pleasant sweetness to the taste buds and promotes a peaceful atmosphere for those enjoying its wonderful flavour.
  • Cultivar: Saemidori, JAS (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan) organic

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