Snack Attack!

Satisfy your snackiest of cravings with goodies ranging from salty to sweet and chewy to crunchy! There is something here for every mood!

Take your pick in each tasty category. We’ve curated the ultimate snack pack, and even included some optional upgrades if you fancy the good stuff!

All the Details

Every item comes in 100 g sizes. Choose from a selection of:

  • delectable Sweetsmith Candies, made right in Strathmore, AB
  • a chewy, tasty candy
  • a chocolate covered treat
  • peanut butter- or yogurt-covered pretzels
  • sweet or savoury almonds
  • We’ve also thrown in organic popcorn kernels for good measure!

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Product Number: CK-Snack
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars


I bought this and a few other items for a friend who lives in Calgary (I am in Kelowna). The staff that welcomed her to the store wished her a Happy Birthday and presented her with my gift!!! I Could not be happier with the service!

from Calgary AB - 10/2/2020

5 Stars

Great Gift

My mother was delighted to receive this as a little gift. It's tastefully packaged and beautifully presented inside. Delicious treats!

from Calgary - 5/29/2020

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