FlossPot Gold Vegan Dental Floss

Vegan, compostable and refillable! FlossPot GOLD is a mini mason jar filled with luxurious corn fibre dental floss, lightly waxed with candelilla wax for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. Lab tested for purity, it is also ginger-mint flavoured, for added freshness! Plastic under the gum line either with floss or a toothbrush bristle simply no longer makes sense, especially now that the alternatives are so much more beautiful.

Even though 80% of the world's corn is now GMO, we believe this floss is superior to any petroleum-based floss overall – other than the indestructible factor – which is PRECISELY THE POINT. Flosspot™ Gold is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box with only non-toxic inks and glue. Safely seals and window required by Health Canada are plant-based cello. The floss itself is 100% compostable. Flosspot™ is an innovative solution to plastic waste, buy once and refill for life!

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