Essential Ayurveda: What it Is and What it Can Do for You

Perhaps the oldest healing tradition in the world, Ayurveda is based on maintaining harmony of the mind, body and spirit for optimal wellness, and can easily be incorporated into today's lifestyles.

Simple routines based on age-old secrets of India's revered sages will bring you home to your body. Ayurveda can help re-awaken you body's powers to create balance, energy, vitality and beauty from the inside out.

Peppered with healthful recipes and tips, this book is written by a journalist with your questions and concerns in mind, including clear explanation of doshas with exercise, diet and relaxation recommendation for each type. It demystifies Ayurveda, showing it as a prevention-oriented, do-it-yourself system of healing that anybody can follow.

Shubhra Krishan has worked in print and television journalism for fourteen years. She began exploring Ayurveda while living and working in India, where she was born. She has interviewed many practtioners to gather the information found in this book. She lives in Colorado Springs.

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