Resuscitate Parched Lips with this Soothing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Resuscitate Parched Lips with this Soothing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Winter is coming. If you’re like me, that means dry, chapped, flaky lips. Good news: this recipe was made for you!

Parched Lips = The WORST

One of the worst things about winter is watching our skin deteriorate in the harsh climate. Chapped lips, flaky scalp and lizard skin can range from a slight nuisance to full on irritating, especially when nothing seems to combat the problem.

My most dreaded winter skin issue is parched, dry lips. Beyond a cosmetic issue, it makes me FEEL dehydrated. Chugging water doesn’t help, frequent chapstick application can quickly turn into a gooey mess, and endlessly licking my lips only worsens the problem. It’s annoying, if not embarrassing, especially on those days when my lipstick ends up looking cakey rather than liquid smooth.

Lavender Sugar Scrub to the Rescue!

This lip sugar scrub is a recipe I’ve perfected over the years (and many dry Calgary winters). I’ve given it to friends and family who also struggle with the endless flaky-lip issue that seems to plague everyone in this climate.

While salt can also make a good physical exfoliant, I find the sugar in this recipe leaves the skin feeling more supple. And since you’re applying the scrub to your lips, there’s no risk of accidentally ingesting a spoonful of salt (sugar, on the other hand, makes for a tasty accident!) After rubbing this scrub in and rinsing away with water, follow up with a facial lotion or oil to really seal in the moisture.

After growing up near a lavender farm and enjoying plenty of lavender in everything from ice cream, to lotion, to honey, I can’t get enough of the subtle, sweet smell. But if lavender isn’t for you, it can easily be substituted for other skin-nourishing essential oils — rose otto, ylang ylang and chamomile are excellent choices for dry or sensitive skin.

The best part about this recipe is its convenience. It requires only a few simple ingredients, which you most likely already have lying around the kitchen. I’m often whipping up some of this sugar scrub before bed when I notice my lips are in need of a little TLC. You can store it in a 2 oz ointment jar or tea tin in a bathroom cupboard or medicine cabinet and always have it on hand for those blustery days when you need it most.

[RECIPE] Soothing Lavender Lip Scrub



Gather a small bowl and all of your ingredients. Add sugar, carrier oil and Vitamin E to bowl and blend well. Next, add the apricot shells and continue to blend ingredients. Finish off with a drop of essential oil of your choice and funnel product into a 2 oz jar or container.

To apply, scoop a pea-sized amount onto your finger and apply evenly to lips. Rub lips together to exfoliate for about 30 seconds, then rinse away with water. Store in a dark, dry location in a container with a tight-sealing lid. Shelf life is about 6 months.

Posted by Emilie on 9/23/2020 to Recipes