Bamboo Utensil Roll

This bamboo utensil set is eco-friendly and endlessly reusable! Nestled inside a convenient fabric pouch, this set includes everything you need to get started with a zero waste lifestyle.

Set includes a fork, knife, spoon, set of chopsticks, wooden straw and a straw cleaning brush. This is a great plastic-free addition to kids lunches, eating out or heading to the airport. Make the swap from plastic cutlery and always be prepared with this set that is lighter than silverware and easy to carry with you everywhere you go!

Product Info

  • Set includes a fork, knife, spoon, set of chopsticks, straw and straw cleaning brush
  • Made of biodegradable bamboo
  • Each piece nests inside included fabric pouch
Care Instructions

    Bamboo is a durable, anti-bacterial soft wood, but unfortunately it will rot with poor care. To maintain your bamboo cutlery kits we recommend wiping them with a damp cloth shortly after use and air drying them in a cool, dry place. Rinse the bamboo straw if it has been used, with the included straw cleaning brush. With regular maintenance, your bamboo cutlery kits should last many years!

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