Brush Naked Adult Bamboo Toothbrush

A better choice for you and the earth!

These toothbrushes are made with a 100% bamboo handle and environmentally-friendly packaging! The bristles are made from recyclable DuPont nylon. When you're ready for a new toothbrush, simply break the head off your nylon bristle toothbrush and throw the handle in the compost. Or you can simply pull the bristles out with pliers. Each toothbrush is individually packaged in paperboard and a plant cellulose (compostable) inner lining.


100% bamboo handle
BPA-free DuPont nylon bristles
100% biodegradable/compostable packaging
Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
Happy Mouth | Happy Planet


100% bamboo handle with bristles made from recyclable DuPont nylon

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars


I have purchased a number of these bamboo toothbrushes, and absolutely love them! The wood remains intact and does not flake off. It felt a bit strange at first, brushing my teeth with a wood handle opposed to the plastic ones I was used to, but it was a good adjustment. I give this brush 4 stars because the nylon bristles are unfortunately not compostable. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product for it's quality and purpose.

from Calgary - 4/15/2020

3 Stars

Beautiful but has flaws

This is my first “eco” toothbrush so I have nothing to compare it to. But so far it’s working well apart from one issue and one more “product design preference” I would say. My one bigger issue is that the white paint on the base where the logo is...rubs off on my hands every time I use it. Not sure why but it’s a bit frustrating and I’m worried to put it anywhere in case it sheds its paint on something important. The design issue that could just be my mouth - is that the edges are a bit sharper than my old toothbrush so it’s not as comfortable to use. But I feel this will just take some getting used to. Love the round design it really is a nice brush! The only other thing would be the packaging - was hoping for no plastic but I assume there is a sanitary reason for it.

from Toronto - 3/13/2019

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