Aerolatte French Press Cafetiere

Also known as a coffee press or a coffee plunger, the Aerolatte French Press Cafetiere applies a contemporary design in a traditional manner. This simple, hands-on way of making coffee offers a fantastic flavour and delivers a rich, aromatic cup every time.

The Aerolatte French Press Cafetiere comes with an easy-to-remove glass beaker which makes it easy to clean, remove and replace. The coffee press also includes a coffee grounds microfilter spout — this is a secondary filter that prevents any grinds from entering your cup of coffee and assists in crafting a superior beverage.

This french press has also been designed with a distinctive measuring gauge which makes it easy to estimate the appropriate coffee-to-water ratio. A measuring spoon is also included to ensure your coffee is at its best every time you brew.


    Aerolatte designs products that enable you to make great coffee at home, with ease. Unleash your inner barista and take it easy with Aerolatte, the incredibly frothy coffee company.

Product Info

    Available in 3 cup (350ml) or 8 cup (1000ml) size. Made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

How to Brew

    Measure medium-ground coffee directly into the glass beaker, or grind your own whole beans. Add a small amount of just-boiled water. Stir the grounds gently so they sink and wait 30 seconds. The coffee 'blooms' as it mixes with the water, opening up to release more flavor.

    Fill the pot to the desired level with boiled water. Place the plunger lid inside the pot so the screen is level and sits just above the water line. Let the coffee brew for a total of 3 to 5 minutes. Brewing time is determined by your grind size (the smaller the grind, the stronger the brew), depth of roast and desired coffee strength.

    When coffee has completed brewing, begin plunging. Hold the pot by the handle with one hand and slowly plunge with the other, for about 20 seconds. The plunger pushes grounds to the bottom of the pot and filters them out of the fresh-brewed coffee. Don't allow the coffee to sit in the pot with the grounds, or it will continue to brew. Pour your coffee immediately and enjoy!

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