Abeego Wrap - Small (6)

Abeego is the original beeswax wrap and was invented in 2008 on two founding principles. Firstly, it’s logical. It breathes. If living food needed to be wrapped in airtight wrap the rind, peel or skin would be airtight. It’s not. Secondly, it’s inspirational. It looks good, feels good, smells good and fosters a healthier relationship with food. The best part? They’ve inspired others to take part in the beeswax food wrap movement -and what an honour it’s been for them to pave the way! Welcome to the future of food wrap.

Wrap | Wash | Reuse

These small wraps are perfect for half avocados, cucumber ends and wrapping up cookies for afternoon snacks.


  • Includes 6 wraps, each 7" x 7"
  • Made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth.
  • Lasts one year or longer
Use & Care

WRAP: It’s self-adhesive so just use the pressure and warmth from your hands to shape and mold Abeego over or around your food.

WASH: Hand wash in COLD water with biodegradable dish soap for the longest lifespan. Hang to dry or towel dry for immediate use. If unsoiled, (ie it’s been covering a bowl of salad) just reuse or store Abeego in a clean, dry place, like a kitchen drawer until next time.

REUSE: Wrap & wash for a year or longer then order more of the sizes you love, because once you Abeego It, you’ll never want to be without it.

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