Laura's Picks: Loose Leaf Tea

Laura's Picks: Loose Leaf Tea

This week, we added 17 loose leaf teas to our site, bringing our total to 23! All our loose leaf teas come from Natur'el Tea, a female-owned small business located in Banff, Alberta. Natur'el Tea creates a wide variety of delicious teas, ranging from greens, blacks and whites, to rooibos and herbal teas. Choosing from 22 can be overwhelming -- if you're unsure of where to start, check out this list of my five favourites and start from there!

Laura's Favourite Loose Leaf Teas


HojichaHojicha Green Tea by Natur'el Tea

Hojicha is a toasted green tea. Its aroma out of the jar is very herbaceous and earthy. Once brewed, it develops into a balanced nutty flavour that is unlike regular green tea. Because it uses the toasted stems of the green tea bush, it is low in caffeine. This is a Japanese tea.



Gyokura Mizuumi Green Tea by Natur'el Tea

Gyokuro Mizuumi

Gyokuro Mizuumi is a  high-end green tea that is rich in flavour.


Lapsang SouchongLapsang Souchong Black Tea by Natur'el Tea

Lapsang Souchong is a Chinese black tea. This tea brews dark and strong with a heavy flavour that's smoky on the palate. A little goes a long way and is perfect in tea blends that are spicy, floral, or both. 



Scarlet Berry Tea by Natur'el Tea

Scarlet Berry

Scarlet Berry is a fun and fruity tea that is full of flavour and naturally sweet. Main notes: berry and citrus.


Sleep Well Herbal Tea by Natur'el Tea

Sleep Well

Sleep Well is an herbal blend of calming herbs, perfect for ending a long day. It is herbaceous and is spruced up with lemongrass. 



SAVE on Natur'el Loose Leaf Teas!

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Our 10% Off Natur'el Teas promotion lasts until March 16th and is available both online and in the store, where we refill all of our teas so that you can have a truly zero waste sipping experience!

Posted by Laura on 3/5/2020 to Promotions