Coming in For Your First Refill?

Here’s What You Need to Know!

Read through the instructions below to ensure that we have what you need and that you have the best possible refillery experience when you come in.

Step One: Bring Your Containers to The Apothecary in Inglewood

What's the best container for the job? That likely depends on which product you’re having it filled with. Can we easily get the product into the container — and will you be able to easily get it out? Will the container effectively hold the product? And of course, make sure all containers are clean and dry!


Acceptable Containers

Unacceptable Containers

Jars, glass bottles

Anything dirty or wet

Plastic containers (reused from food products or other)

Containers that leak or can’t be sealed, such as cardboard or anything without a lid

Resealable plastic bags

Reactive materials

Tins of non-reactive metal

Any non-reactive, leak-proof container with a sealable lid


And if you don’t have any containers to refill, don’t worry about it! We have lots of empty, reusable containers here in the store for purchase.

Step Two: Place Your Order and Leave Your Containers

We currently have the following available for refill:

  • Herbs
  • Salts
  • Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Hair Care
  • Body Care
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Natural cleaners
  • Laundry products
  • Raw ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe juice and many more
  • Dry ingredients such as clays and waxes

Check our website for full up-to-date listings (refillery page coming soon), or give us a call at (403) 453-0313!

When you come in, you let us know what you want, and how much. We will tare your container before filling so that you are charged for the proper weight of product.

It may take us some time to fill your containers. Please feel free to browse in the store or at one of the many amazing shops nearby here in Inglewood and we will call you to let you know when your order is ready. Feel free to take advantage of our drop-off service: leave your containers with us and come back at a time that's convenient!

Step Three: Pay and Enjoy!

And don't forget to save your container when it's empty!

Posted by Lindsay on 10/23/2017 to Products