5 Food Storage Tips We've Learned From the Abeego Blog

5 Food Storage Tips We've Learned From the Abeego Blog

Ever since we started carrying beeswax wraps by Abeego, we simply can't get enough of them! Initially we thought of them as just a great alternative to plastic wrap -- which they are -- but now we know the truth: they are a crucial ingredient in the process of eliminating food waste in your home!

Even better, they have a super informative blog that teaches all sorts of handy food storage tips. Here are some of our favourites.

How to Keep Greens Alive

“Delicate leaves, from basil to spring greens, and hardier plants like kale that don’t have a natural skin need a protective barrier to last longer. When they don’t, greens lose their moisture, quickly dry out and wilt.

"While airtight methods solve that problem, they create another. Greens are alive and need to breathe. When greens are kept in a bag or a hard container, the natural gases they emit are trapped, resulting in an overly moist environment where bacteria and mold can thrive. Because of this, greens quickly wilt and rot in airtight containers.”

Who knew?!


How to Cut (and Store) Cheese Smarter

We learned this little tip from Abeego: “Before you cut your hard cheese, consider this (prepare to have your mind blown): instead of slicing it from the same side every time, eat your way around the cheese.

"Drying occurs on the outside, so eat your way in. This will create a stronger flavor profile, you genius foodie, you!”

We also learned that cheese should be stored differently depending on whether it is soft or hard. Hard cheese should be double wrapped in a breathable wrap like Abeego and then stored in the cheese drawer of the fridge. Soft cheese can be single-wrapped, using “firm and gentle folds.”

Find out more about getting the most out of your delicious cheese in Abeego’s blog post, How to Save Cheese with Abeego.

How to Use the FIFO (First In First Out) Method to Prevent Food Waste

If we all implemented this system in our kitchens, so much food would be saved from the compost! Here are Abeego’s tips:

“Food rotation is practiced today by most commercial kitchens, to ensure safe food and eliminate food waste. A first-in-first-out (FIFO) system helps the oldest food to get eaten first.

"Grocery shop in reverse: before you buy more, check your pantry and fridge and plan meals around what you already have.
In your fridge and crisper, place newly purchased produce to the back and move older items to the front.

"Wrap “like” items together, especially food known to last longer or shorter. For example, keep herbs together, double wrapped with an Abeego barrier.

"Use Abeego! It acts like a second skin to protect and breathe to extend the life of your food so it stays alive longer and fresher than ever imagined.”

Read their full post on using beeswax wraps to rotate food in the fridge here

Tips for Fresher Bread

Anyone who is moving toward zero waste has likely encountered the bread issue — sliced bread in plastic bags no longer looks so great! The solution? Either bake your own fresh bread or buy full loaves fresh from the bakery. Either way, you’ll want to store it in a way that prolongs its freshness. This blog post from Abeego is full of great information on storing bread. The two best tips we took away were to wrap bread according to its type (loosely for crusty bread and tightly for soft bread), and only slice as much as you need at any given time.

How to Really Enjoy Strawberries

As we near berry season, this post is especially helpful! Abeego walks us through how to best enjoy strawberries at each stage of ripeness, starting the day you bring them home from the market:

Day 1: pop them in your mouth, leaves and all! Did you know strawberry leaves contain iron, calcium and vitamin C?
Day 2: the leaves get bitter over time, so by day 2 you’ll want to hull your berries. Abeego lays out a simple technique to avoid berry wasteage here
Day 3: Crush your strawberries to make jam, use in smoothies or serve over ice cream!

For more great food storage tips, follow Abeego’s blog or check them out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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