$1500: You're Our Hero!

You. Are. Amazing! As the biggest thank you from us to you for your very generous support, you will be properly pampering yourself. Not only will you receive every one of our first six perks available as well as 15% off for life at The Apothecary; you'll also receive gift certificates from local faves Inglewood Massage and The Deane House, and our longtime friends at Swizzlesticks Salon & Spa!

Items included:

  • Buch or Beans
  • On the Go
  • Freshen Up
  • The Ritual Bath
  • Home Green Home
  • $100 Gift Certificate at Inglewood Massage
  • $100 Gift Certificate at Deane House
  • $300 Gift Certificate at Swizzlesticks Salon Spa
  • 3 x $300 Gift Certificates for The Apothecary
  • 15% off for life!
  • Pick up in June. We'll let you know when it's ready!

    Value: $1700 + 15% off for life!

    Availability: 1 of 2 available

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