Shifting the Way You Shop and Live

Adopting a new lifestyle or making major changes to your existing one isn’t something that can happen overnight, and making changes to reduce your impact on the earth is no different.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 11/1/2017 to General Info

Oils for the Season of Remembrance

Oils for the Season of Remembrance
Many faith communities, cultures and ancient traditions recognize early November as a time to remember loved ones that have passed. This is a perfect time to utilize essential oils for remembrance; a sense of connection to those that have passed; as well as comfort during times of grief.
Posted by Katherine on 10/31/2017 to Ingredients

Coming in For Your First Refill?

Here’s what you need to know! Read through these instructions to ensure that we have what you need and that you have the best possible refillery experience when you come in.
Posted by Lindsay on 10/23/2017 to Products

WIN With the Seek Wellness Online Scavenger Hunt!

We have teamed up with eight other amazing Canadian businesses to create a super fun & easy online scavenger hunt! The Seek Wellness Scavenger Hunt focuses on your wellness and the $525 prize pack is chock full of goodies that will help you pamper yourself all through the winter!
Posted by Lindsay on 10/12/2017

Ayurvedic Autumn Balance

Ayurvedic Autumn Balance
Fall has come to Calgary and with that we are weathering the wild swings of climate that our city is known for. This is a perfect time to focus on balance, and in this post we will examine which essential oils can help to balance the doshas from an ayurvedic perspective.
Posted by Katherine on 9/18/2017 to General Info

The Inspiration Behind the "Refillery"

The idea of opening a “refillery,” as we’re calling it, has been rolling around in the back of my mind for a long time now. Similar to the idea of Bulk Barn, where you can buy all sorts of bulk ingredients for cooking, and even bring your own containers, and modelled after amazing refill concept stores in Vancouver and Toronto, The Apothecary in Inglewood now offers refill services on everything from clays to salts, from essential oils and carrier oils to laundry detergent, from herbs to shampoo and deodorant.

Posted by Jill Hawker on 9/7/2017 to General Info

What's New at The Apothecary in Inglewood?

Because we have expanded our brick and mortar store to include refillable bulk products and a much wider selection of personal care and home cleaning products, you will start to also see a number of new brands appearing here on the website.
Posted by Lindsay on 9/5/2017 to General Info

Finding an Ethical Source for Desert Sage

In recent years, the practice of smudging has exploded on the scene and almost driven Salvia Apiana to endangered status. With this in mind, we have chosen to carefully pick where ours came from.
Posted by Katherine on 8/15/2017 to Ingredients

Cajeput Essential Oil

Anita: Not so very long ago, I had the opportunity of being introduced to the essential oil, Cajeput, and was amazed at its beautiful pale blue/green appearance. Strange name, I thought as I smelled it for the first time. The fresh, clean, fruity, penetrating, and somewhat medicinal aroma prompted me to investigate the secrets of Cajeput and what it has to offer. Here's what I learned.
Posted by Anita on 8/2/2017

Aromatherapy and Dogs: Practical Tips for Pet-Owners

In a time when pet owners are actively researching natural health options for their pets, such as raw diets, dog owners are starting to also explore the use of essential oils for their pooches. If you’re wondering how essential oils could benefit your pup, here’s what you need to know!
Posted by Jill Hawker on 7/25/2017 to General Info

Go With the Flow & WIN!

We know, it's really hot outside. That's why we have teamed up with local businesses All Things Jill and The Paddle Station to create an amazing YYC Summer Adventure Prize Pack to help you cool down!
Posted by Lindsay on 7/5/2017 to General Info

DIY Sea Salt Spray

Make your own, all-natural sea salt spray for texturizing, lightening and protecting your hair this summer.
Posted by Lindsay on 6/20/2017 to Recipes

Watch For Big Changes in the Store!

We have a lot of change on the horizon here at The Apothecary in Inglewood, and we think you’re going to love it! Over the summer, not only is the store going to grow in size, but so will our product and service offerings!
Posted by Lindsay on 6/8/2017 to General Info

Help Us Support Our Furry Friends!

As part of our birthday extravaganza, we’re proud to be supporting a fantastic local organization, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). For the entire month of May, a portion of our profits (online and in-store) will be donated to the AARCS Capital Campaign to build their new veterinary hospital.
Posted by Jill on 4/29/2017

Staff Picks: Anita's Favourite! After Sunny Aloe Spray

Ever step out of the shower or out of a long soak in the tub wishing for a quick and easy way to keep your skin nourished and hydrated? Or, an easy-to-use product that will protect, relieve and renew your dry skin? I just might have the answer you are looking for.After Sunny Aloe Mistto the rescue!
Posted by Anita on 4/25/2017 to Products

Ayurvedic Spring “Fever”: Balancing and supporting our Kapha with essential oils

With spring comes lots of rain, some sun, and energy beginning to stir within us. This is the ideal time for beginning to exercise, start biking, or practicing yoga outdoors...
Posted by Katherine on 4/13/2017 to General Info

Contest! Choose our June Feature Scent!

This month, we invite you to be our Master Essential Oil Blender! We need a feature scent for June, to be used in our bath bombs and handmade soaps. So we’re putting it in your hands!
Posted by Lindsay on 4/6/2017 to General Info

Camping with Aromatherapy

Camping has been well underway for many individuals, and while we may be a touch late, we’d like to provide you with some aromatherapy camping tips and tricks you may not have thought about!
Posted by Gwen E. on 7/23/2015 to General Info

Essential Oils for Detoxing

Increasingly in modern life, more and more people are choosing to detox their internal body systems as well as their home when it comes to the ritual of cleaning. Just like your kitchen sink after pouring all sorts of things down it over a period of time, a blockage can also begin to build up in your body so you need to flush out your system.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 3/3/2014 to General Info

Aromatherapy for Effective Stress Management

Stress is part of normal life for everyone today, and there seems to be no escape from it. Bizarrely, research has shown that some stress is actually beneficial because we all need a certain amount of stress to stimulate us and add excitement to our lives. On the other hand, too much stress can have a seriously damaging effect on our physical and emotional well being if it continues for too long.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 2/24/2014 to General Info

Arnica - The Healing Carrier Oil

Infused Arnica Oil is renowned for its unique anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties. Arnica’s reputation for reducing pain and swelling is both legendary and well deserved.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 2/10/2014 to Products

10 Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils Around Your Home

Usually when you want to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in the house, lighting up a burner or plugging in a vaporizer is the preferred option. But it is not always possible to use a burner in some locations, so having alternative techniques to diffuse your essential oils can come in really handy.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 2/4/2014 to General Info

Essential Oils For Seasonal Affective Disorder

From time to time many of us suffer from a dose of what might be called the ‘winter blues’, which usually appears as a short period of inexplicable lethargy, anxiety or low mood. For some people though, at certain times of the year, this malaise can develop into a seriously disabling illness with a wide range of symptoms that can totally and utterly disrupt their lives.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 1/20/2014 to General Info

Choosing your Essential Oil Supplier

Before we start, I would like to point out that it’s not so much about who is a better supplier, but which brand/company you prefer and trust. But, for those just getting started with Essential Oils (EOs), here are a few tricks to help ensure you’re getting a quality product.
Posted by Gwen Evans on 1/14/2014 to Ingredients

Welcome to our new site!!!

It's been a little while in the making, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new and super fab e-commerce site. On here you will find Canada's largest selection of therapeutic grade essential oils, raw materials, books, as well as the full line up of products manufactured by All Things Jill and Rae Dunphy Aromatics.
Posted by Jill Hawker on 1/13/2014 to General Info

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