Neroli sur fleurs Petitgrain essential oil (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus aurantium
Method:steam distilled
Description: Neroli sur fleurs Petitgrain (or as we call it, Neroli SF) is a unique essential oils. It has a green, woodsy scent with delicious undertones of citrus & floral. It is often confused with 'true' Neroli, but is actually a co-distillation of the blossoms and branches, rather than just the blossoms alone (roughly translated, the name means "Neroli with Petitgrain"). This co-distillation creates a set of healing properties that differ from the standalone Neroli or Petitgrain essential oils.

When used under the correct guidelines, Neroli SF can help to address complaints such as acne, infected acne, staph infections, respiratory infections, muscle spasms, inflammation, flatulence, dyspepsia and easing PMS. It serves as a wonderful skin tonic, and may slow heart palpitations in some instances.

When tackling issues of the mind or heart, Neroli SF can be used to curb anger, panic, and insomnia stemming from past trauma. It has shown to be useful for dealing with mental "burn-out", calming nervous conditions, promoting relaxation, combating depression, and rebalancing the central nervous system.

Energetically, Neroli SF is believed to promote reassurance, inner strength, and confidence, boost optimism, bring about joy, and inspire strength, commitment, and self-expression.

Contraindications: Risk of irritation if used undiluted. Not recommended for young children.
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