Jasmine Sambac absolute (organic)
Latin Name:Jasminum sambac
Method:solvent extracted
Jasmine is considered by many to be one finest essential oils anyone can own. This beautiful flower creates a balanced beautiful fragrance, consisting of a sweet, smooth floral note with just a touch of green 'bitterness'.

This essential oil is probably more well known as a perfume or home fragrance, but many therapeutic benefits lay within its 'essential' state. On the skin, Jasmine has been known to benefit dry, greasy, irritated and/or sensitive skin, as well as stretch marks. Additionally, it can ease coughs, hoarseness, and the effects of laryngitis, while regulating and deepening breathing. It has the ability to soothe muscular aches & pains, spasms, sprains, painful periods, and labour pains. Although often considered a more 'feminine' essential oil, Jasmine has been shown to help increase the semen production in men, as well as combat impotence, all while boosting the libido in both sexes.

The beautiful fragrance of Jasmine also seems to have many profound effects on the mind and spirit. For our mental/emotional selves, it is said that Jasmine can dispel fear & anger, dissolve pessimism & apathy, reduce mental depression & anxiety, combat paranoia & sadness, boost self confidence, as well as ease emotional suffering & heartache.

On the more energetic level, it is believed that this oil promotes wholeness through uniting & harmonizing opposites. It allows ourselves to live in the present moment, and aids warming and opening the heart. Jasmine can promote feelings of love & sensuality, creativity, and artistic development. It may also aid in enhancing intuition, heighten spirituality, balance the masculine and feminine energies, and open our minds to a deeper truth.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy. Use caution around those who are hypersensitive or allergic to perfumes and/or cosmetics.
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