Handmade Gifts: How to Make a Room or Body Spray

Handmade Gifts: How to Make a Room or Body Spray

Our last handmade gift recipe of the season is room spray/body spray. Either is a great application for essential oils, giving the benefits of diffusing the oils in the air with the added benefit of being completely portable. These make a great stocking stuffer or a full gift on their own.

Room Spray and Body Spray Recipe


(Makes one 60 mL room spray or body spray)

*Optional — if leaving out the emulsifier, you will simply need to shake the bottle before each use


  1. Trim mister tube to correct length - be sure to trim on an angle.
  2. Drop your essential oils into your bottle.
  3. Add equal amount of emulsifier, if using. Swirl to mix.
  4. Add water to shoulder of bottle and swirl to mix.
  5. Add cap and label! 

Essential Oil Options

Single Notes
Synergy Blends
Essential Oil Combos
  • juniper + grapefruit
  • sweet orange + clove
  • lavender + bergamot
  • jasmine + eucalyptus
  • ylang ylang + geranium
  • lavender + frankincense
  • cedarwood + mandarin


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